Friday, 18 March 2011

Canon 550D (t2i) Review (everything you will need to know)

Here I review the Canon 550D which is the budget end of the Canon camera group that comprises of the 550d, 600d 60d and 7d (in that they all have the same sensor ie same pixel count, same DR, Colour depth, iso performance, size)

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here is an example video with the Canon 60D which is effectivly the same sensor as the 550d but a better body, bigger memory buffer and faster fps

Here is a good link for you to see my thoughts on the comparison

ISO in Video

Here is an example of how well the ISO works in low light and how far you can push it.
FYI this was edited in Imovie which i find adds more grain and deteriorates the image/video files quite a bit. straight out of camera I find it a bit better than what you see here. 

here is another iso video (guess the iso)

Movie Crop mode

The nikon 105mm when put on the canon 550d dslr has a crop equivalent focal length of 168mm

Thats nice but as you can see when we are shooting at 1080p the moon only takes up a tiny part of the image.

but the canon 550d has a clever little movie crop function so that when you are fliming it records from just the central 640x480pixels, which is a 7x digital zoom

put that together and you have

an effective focal length of 1176mm! Which is huge!

At the same time this can be very handy for amazing close ups if you have a macro lens

see this video here

and also in this example here

Slow Mo Video

The 550D can shoot in normal hd 720hd and at a fps of 60(ntsc) or 50(pal)

The 550D has a cool little thing called
Highlight Tone Priority

which can be best shown here

I also shot all of my Recent trip to Japan with the Canon 550D and it lasted the whole day every day, photos and video.  (Click this link to see some japan stuff.)

At the end of this video you see a photo taken with the Canon 550D and can see how well you can edit the photos to give them a really Christmas card look

Picture styles

I have also done some promotional videos with the Canon 550D
here is a video for an Edinburgh Based Airsoft company

To see how well the camera copes with very low lighting and huge amounts of noise (audio noise) check this concert video i recorded of the Edinburgh Band Pose Victorious

and here is one of our japanese friends playing the guitar for us (i am very impressed with the audio capture) but a mic would be better

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  1. Time you traded that puppy in for a D7000 Dom! Canon...euwww. At least it had a decent lens on.

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  3. Superb image quality in both photos and video. image quality is pretty good. I have made some test shots and despite going up to an 18 MP sensor the noise is not much of an issue and I shot several pics at ISO 3200 which look quite good. I then shot some in 6400 which did start to show some noise in the low light but still made for serviceable pictures.

    I have been using the video mode a lot more than I initially expected. While it doesn't offer continuous auto-focus and therefore might not replace a camcorder, once you get the hang of manually focusing this is not a big problem. I many times have found myself in situations where photos couldn't capture the moment as well as a video could, and the ability to record clips has been very convenient.

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