Sunday, 29 July 2012

Do Not Edit Facial Features! Portrait photography editing tip

DO NOT EDIT SOMEONES FACIAL FEATUERS: unless they ask you to. If there is a mole, a birthmark, a droopy eye, a crooked nose etc, do not edit that unless they ask you to. Small wrinkles, spots, blood vessels, out of place hair, makeup etc, yes, but not the elemenst that make up a persons face and which make it unique to them.

Property Video Tips

To see the completed video check this page of my property video company

Dont use auto anything!

Screwing Up White Balance: IN YOUR EYES!

So it seems like my eyeballs have a white balance setting which I can mess up, I can even have one eye see things more blue and the other more red! For this to be more impressive for you do it while outside, it is very interesting

I Just Made a Fricking Planet! With a GoPro

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sony ECM-DS70P Stereo Mic Review and example

The audio on the gopro hero camera is duff at best. the new gopro hero 2 has the ability to get a skeleton case where you can attach an external microphone to it, I got a little one to fit on the side which is a stereo one from sony. the audio is better but it is still not great, here i show you the benefits and downfalls of it.

Ugly people need to be shot, and Stupid People need to ignored

Firstly to anyone stupid out there. No I am not advocating killling people because of our perceptions of beauty or lack there of. The word shot is in reference to having there photo taken.  Here is the detail in a nice little video for you.

Some of the slower people out there didnt get the message in the video and were to dumbstruck by the words used that they instantly felt offended. Well big deal you were offended. but the shit thing is that as a photographer you are going to have to deal with being offended a lot, and here is my advice regarding that as well.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Fat Photographer No More!

This will be my only post on this site regarding weightloss and exercise.

At the start of this year I hit a worring weight, 102.4kgs (16.1Stone or 226lbs) I was the typical, Fat bald photographer that I didn't think I was. On the BMI chart that took me to 31BMI which is OBESE.  My job as a property photographer requires me driving around a lot and I am constantly needing change for parking.  I would make excuses that I needed to buy a Mars bar so that I could get change. I counted it all up, and I found out I was eating around 1000Kcal extra a day of just junk food. But I was going to the gym, and lifting heavy weights, and I made more excuses that it was ok because I would be burning up those calories when I lift the weights. Wrong.

I had to stop making excuses and take control, stop thinking that I was just big and muscly when in fact I was just very fat with a bit of muscle.

Now I am 84kg (13.2Stone or 185lbs)

Friday, 6 July 2012

Headshot: Comedian

Head shots, portraits are all about getting the essence of the person you are shooting, or capturing the essence they want to portray.  For a lot of the time it will be a job of making someone look friendly, strong, sexy, masculine, feminine, mature, good looking, happy, serious, neutral or what ever