Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ugly people need to be shot, and Stupid People need to ignored

Firstly to anyone stupid out there. No I am not advocating killling people because of our perceptions of beauty or lack there of. The word shot is in reference to having there photo taken.  Here is the detail in a nice little video for you.

Some of the slower people out there didnt get the message in the video and were to dumbstruck by the words used that they instantly felt offended. Well big deal you were offended. but the shit thing is that as a photographer you are going to have to deal with being offended a lot, and here is my advice regarding that as well.

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  1. Hi Dom

    I agree with you to certain extent, But i certainly would not have some little shit treat me like dirt regardless if they were paying or not, unless my work was substandard.

  2. thanks for sharing.