Monday, 24 January 2011

OMG Nikon D700 Replacement!

Am I the only person who is searching almost daily to find if there has been an announcement from Nikon about the Nikon full frame D700 Replacement?
Every day I click into, or dpreview, or popphoto or dphotographer, and get excited when i see there is a new post and then swear at the computer when it is some new announcement of a crappy point and shoot with a million times zoom!

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This is what you get from Wikipedia

High-end (Professional) - FX/Full Frame sensor
High-end (Prosumer) - FX/Full Frame sensor
High-end (Professional) - DX sensor, high resolution
High-end (Professional) - DX sensor, high speed
High-end (Prosumer) - DX sensor

From this you can see that Nikon has pumped out a pro camera (D3) almost yearly

also a prosumer version every 2 years, The Nikon D700 was first out in July 2008. Making it 30 months since as of today since it came out.

The Nikon D700 is an amazing camera its low light abilities and low noise at high ISO is truely astonishing. When I rent it for weddings it still blows me away with how clear the images are at iso 4000. It had the same sensor as the Nikon D3 which has now been trumped by the nikon D3s which is a full stop better in terms of noise and iso! please just shove that sensor into a D700 body that is all that i want, but I know

nikon can do better, Nikon are getting a major bashing from the likes of Canon for having its amazing video abilities even though canon has a massive video and film industry which accidentally the Canon 5D mark 2

has taken a big chunk out of. Nikon has no video industry to its name so it should not be restricted to a single format. Sony is the same, it is a massive player in pro video yet it is shoving pro video ability into its dslrs as well!
If Nikon said that they were never to bring out a new camera I would go out and buy a D700 today as I

know it is awesome, But i know they will and I know that what will come out will be amazing-er so much more amazing that I know that if i had bought the D700 even 6 months before I would feel hard done by.

So what to do?

Well at the moment I have no need to buy a d700, none of my clients are asking for images which I cannot

get with my Nikon d300, But when I do do weddings I am renting the NIkon d700 (its the bomb for weddings) and it has the onboard flash for CLS control. But I know that the D700 Replacement will be totally redrawing bounderies of what will be expected from photographers. Not just photographers expectations (hope you get what i mean in those last sentences)

What amazes me is that Nikon clearly has to make the camera then has to do extensive field testing which means some photographers somewhere are running around with the D700 replacement taking shots, videos, editing image and sending to Nikon but how has it not leaked!!!!!!

What, death penalty does nikon impose on its photographers and technicians who make the sensors and camera so that the secrets never get out? They manage to keep secrets better than the bloody american government. WIKILEAKS and area 51 being an example.
There must be a hacker out there that can break into the Nikon development system and find out the future technologies they are working on. because I can tell you one thing Nikon is not working on the current

sensor or camera but they are working on a generation ahead. Ie when they released the nikon D3 they were already well into their D3s development and contemplating the D4 sensor structure.

Proof of that can be found by example by Canon who have stated that they have made a 120million pixle sensor and also a sensor that is 100 times more sensitive than current sensors
links in the video on youtube

Some old giffers will go on about how in the olden days (10 years ago) that photographers had to make do with a max iso of 800 and use a thing called film.

that is great but today no industry is expecting that, they are expecting much more from their photographers, they are needing images which were impossible 10 years ago and they know that if one photographer cant get it there are 100 behind him(or her) waiting to show off their photography ability and that may be connected to their camera's ability either in iso, or flash technology, or accuracy of focus or speed of shots or what is likely to happen soon is the ability to grab images from video.

Please Nikon give us a little teaser!

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  1. Right on brother! Seriously though my sentiments exactly I think we're going to see big things from Nikon in the next 12 months. Nikon do make people wait for new cameras but it's worth it. Good news on nikonrumors too if you haven't seen the latest post yet :)

  2. Dom,I have a photo friend who is waiting for the new d800? D700s? to come out in the shops then he is going to wait 6 months and then buy the d700 at a bargain.They will be giving them away.If you don't need the video then you will still have a fab camera for a cheap price.The new d800 will I reckon be at least 2500 k when first released and will take a good year to come down in price...Michael

  3. I really dont think the nikon d700 will suddenly become a bargain, and waiting another 6 months after the d800 comes out means he will be waiting at least a year.

    also all you will get is second hand ones, if i buy a camera i want the ability to take it back to the shop if there is anyissues.

    I am expecting around the £2000 for the new camera and have been saving up for it, will get it along with a nice new lens. maybe sell my d300 and a few lenses as well

  4. the D700 was the main reason for me to switch from Canon (1d mark 3) and the D800 is only going to make the switch even sweeter. Can't wait!

  5. i have both d700 and d300,dont have ne complaint from them and i have no need fro video on my camera,a camera is a camera and if i wanted to record video id buy a camcorder,as one canon user said they seem to have lost in camera battle by going hard with the video side whilst nikon has stayed on the camera only side with video on the lower spec models.
    keep it that way Nikon.. remember it a Camera And NOT a video recorder thats wanted :)

  6. I think the D700 replacement will be something special and may be when I go FX. As to the 120MP Canon I'm with you Dom and I think it is typical canon. I think maybe its Canon who are responsible for all these pixel peepers you meet on forums, maybe they have a little factory somewhere where they bread them. I'd rather stick with Nikon and the low noise and better dynamic range.

  7. The obvious lense for the D800 (O, MAN - do i want one) would be the VR-version of the 24-70. I would give a kidney for that combo ASSUMING that the ISO-performance is up to par with the D3s or even better. I do not need any more pixels nowadays.

    I hope Nikon doesn´t fall in the same trap as with the "F5" back in the film-days and create another pig. I like the way D300 (my current gun) and 700 can be both fast pigs AND smaller.

    Lets all cross our fingers. Go Nikon!
    (and thanks Dom for all your efforts.)

  8. Hopefully it won't be much longer. I too would buy another D700 tomorrow if I knew (hoped) a new model was not just around the corner...

  9. Good D700 Nikon Camera.. I love it.


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