Thursday, 18 July 2013

Gorillapod MAGNETIC Review

Tipods are big and heavy and sometimes just not needed.  Gorillapods are small and light and can be wrapped around stuff but require a lot of fiddling and cant really hold that much weight.  Gorillapods with MAGNETS on its feet, are small, light, can be wrapped around stuff, and if it is made out of metal/steel/iron then boom no fiddling required it can just stick to it without having to be wrapped around. handy when attaching to the bonnet of a car.
However this so far is really just for point and shoot, phone cameras and gopros, not ready for big boy dslrs yet.

However if you are a gopro blogger or a blogger with just a simple point and shoot (under 350g) then bingo you have a very very handy cheap small and light tool for you to get some hands free video shots!

Get yours from amazon here

Magents are strong enough to hold a gopro out straight while just holding onto a metal pin from a Glidetrack

Only needs 2 feet to be touching the edge of a radiator to hold the gopro in this shot

The height of the Gorillapod with a gopro ontop is only the same height as a Nikon 70-200vr 1

Here is a close up of the quick release/locking mechanism, just twist it to the unlock position and push the tab down and the clip slides out

can be scrunched up to about the same size as a gopro

but also extended out to be the size of…. something else.(a really big scary spider)