Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I have been testing out the Glidetrack HD Hybrid Slider: From Glide track;
It is the upgrade i have got myself from the hague camslide. The quality difference is very very noticeable but would i think it would make any difference to the shoots?

In truth there is little difference in the shots but there is a MASSIVE difference in the speed at which i am now able to work, and a big drop in wasted shots from having jittery movement and thus a lot less swearing from myself when i am on a job. workflow is now vastly speeded up as an added benefit the editing is also much faster now.

My advice would be to go for the hybrid slider but with the longer track. a minimum of a meter but best go for the 1.5m length. I doubt you would own it and be disappointed in anyway.



For more examples of videos using the glide track check out this page


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Boxing Match: Gopro vs Canon 550d

Testing the gopro hero 2 video abilities against the canon 550d in a low light indoors fast sports conditions.

The guy in the red shorts won.

My new photography book. click below