Thursday, 24 November 2011

Top 10 Photography xmas presents under £300

ok here is a list of my top 10 photography related presents to get for xmas all under £300.
It is not a count down list as a lens is not nessesarily better than a tripod as per-say so it is just the top 10.

1) Rosco Gels

2) Interfit strobies kit


However I would suggest just getting the Beauty dish 

3) GoPro hero 2


4) Dom Bower Photography book

5) Fotopro Carbon Fiber Tripod 


6) Nikon Sb-700 flash  Or Canon 320ex

The 320ex rocks in that it is a remote flash that you can control but also it is a led light for if your doing video! genious!  Best if useing in low light and close to the subjects.
But if you want to get more serious flash then go for the 430 ex II

7) 50mm Lens


However for Canon I would have to recommend the more expensive f1.4 version as the f1.8 really sucks in terms of build quality

8) Rode Video Mic PRO

This little sucker is brilliantly small and fits perfectly into my should bag while still attached to my camera. so no need to worry about crushing it.  I am still doing tests on it on how to get it to work best but magic lantern is the key

9) Massive Hard drive  

I litterally have no idea how they have managed to shove that amount of memory into something so small and also keep it soo cheap!

10) My most used software Lightroom 3

Sunday, 20 November 2011

GoPro Hero 2: Testing and examples by DomBower

or you can still by the original version which is over £100 cheaper

My new photography book. click below