Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Nikon D7000 (test images)

Update: 11 Nov 2010
Just had a play with the Nikon d7000 

Check this one out! iso 6400!

Here are some more indepth details and photos after the break

Iso 800  f4, 1/80th

 Same but just the central 9th cropped

Iso 3200 f4 1/2500th

Iso 6400 f4 1/4000

Here is the rediculous iso25000 (read that 25 thousand!)
the shots were too bright they were past the 1/8000 shutterspeed so in adobe lightroom I lowered the exposure valuation by 1 stop, 

Here is the crop of the picture above

Now here is where it gets a bit more complicated. 
Here i am testing the dynamic range of a jpeg with the first being dramatically underexposed, by 3 stops
the second then in photoshop or lightroom brightened up by 3 ev to make it how it should have been exposed, amazing is how much detail is kept including the colour in the underexposed images! and this is done at iso 100 f4 1/500th

Now here is a different shop lower lighting situation.

Here I am shooting at iso 800 f3.5 and 1/640th of a second

Below is the cropped middle third of the right hand third for a more detailed view of the low light noise

Next up we are shooting at iso 2500 iso f3.5 1/2000th

Now iso 6400 (shot at f3.5 1/6400th)

Here is it at the highest iso rating of 25,000 
shutter at its max of 1/8000 and it is a bit over exposed

Here is where I get complicated again.  Here I purposely underexposed by 3 stops (just going in camera and doing a minus 3 ttl) and then the shot below that is what it is like when in photoshop or lightroom when you artifically increase the exposure, Here it is increased by 4ev

Iso 800 for this shot 1/5000th of a second

The body of the Nikon d7000 is the same as the D90 in terms of size and layout.  It is definitly a step up from the d5000, and d3100 but a step down from the d300s and d700.  
The video is still not so great but perfectly adaquate if you are shooting outside.

It is taking Nikon an age to release a D300s or D700 replacement but they have brought out the Nikon D7000 which to me is really an exciting camera!
with (for the first time) more than 12mp. Its got 16mp and it can shove them through the buffer at 6fps! not bad if you as me.
Next surprise is its ISO ability (how sensitive to light it can be) and it can shoot up to iso 25,600 which is as good as the Full frame Nikon D700 and it has full HD video but still only 24fps (cant get everything I guess)

here are some videos done by it by the amazing photographer Chase Jarvis as published on his blog

More videos after the break

I actually cant compliment this camera enough!

Here are the links, to the uk amazon, amazingly they are selling it under 1000pounds.   but then also add on delivery and postage so it is probably spot on 1000. but compare that to the now outdated d300s then this is brilliant! and regarding noise in low light this thing is going to hump the Canon 60D (Reviewed Here)

If you need to get a lens with it i would always recommend getting something like the nikon 50mm f1.4 and then a wide angle like the tokina 11-16mm f2.8  and then the Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 (Portrait) lenses before buying a crap kit lens. But if it is your first camera then yeah this is probibly a viable cheap option below.

Here is another video done by Chase Jarvis.

Here Jared does an unboxing of one of the first D7000 in America Check his Froknows photo blog for his thoughts on it.

and here is one of those really shit marketing videos

This is definitely a camera I am recommending!  if you can save up for this camera as it looks hot hot hot! and likely to kick the ass off any canon camera in the same price range (unless you want better video frame rate)

As you may have seen in my last blogs when i have been mentioning what equipment i have used i have always mentioned the Nikon d7000, this totally humps the nikon D300 and D300s, in noise, resolution, video and it also has 2 storage cards holes "The twin SD memory card slots allow for added storage capacity and give you the freedom to manage your images and video in the way you want to either by saving more of them, keeping different formats separate or always having backup space when you need it.  d DPreview

 Its got even got better focusing faster focusing and get this! it can autofocus during video.  Sweet!  but everyone knows true film guys never autofocus it is all manual!

here is a little tip for people who are thinking they need more pixels
A measure of the comparative increase in linear resolution is the square root of the increase in area resolution, i.e., megapixels in the entire image.
and also a 12 megapixel camera can create an image big enough for a 5 story building, so those of you who say you NEED more pixels, I highly dissagree.

Check the video below

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  1. Great review. Love your site and youtube channel.

  2. I have 2 D90's and have been saving for a D700. Now wondering whether i could save some money and get virtually the same results with the D7000. I mainly shoot weddings

  3. Very thorough and informative as always Dom!

    How does the dynamic range compare to your Fuji S5?

  4. I switched from Pentax to Nikon last week and picked up the D7000 w. 17-55 DX AF-S f2.8 lens and must say - OMG it is truly awesome. I can shoot indoors now without flash and get stunningly sharp results.

    Focus speed is lightning quick, images are pin sharp and you can even get away with using the JPG's if you're in a rush as they're super quality as well !

    Bravo, that's all I can say :-)

  5. Brightness pic for Nikon D7000 Black Friday. I look great picture. Thanks.

  6. The good picture and video review for D7000. It's the best camera on 2011 in top 10 digital slr.


    Black Friday Nikon D7000

  7. Thanks for sharing information I am still very much a new comer to this and seeing your videos help a great deal.

  8. This is so simple, if you're a Nikon user and you are searching for a new and better camera then you need to stop reading this and go buy the Nikon D7000 because it really is that awesome!