Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Canon 60D Video and review

Same sensor, same pixels, same video, Same iso abilities as the smaller cheaper Canon 550D

So do you want to buy it?
Oh and it is about £400 more expensive than the 550D

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If you have the canon 550D the answer is definitly NO  

Canon EOS 550D Body (Rebel T2i)

If you have the canon 7D then the answer is also NO

Canon EOS 7D Digital Camera DSLR Body

Canon EOS 7D Digital Camera DSLR Body

Only if you were desperate for a tilting screen, if you have to have more fps than the canon 550D, if your arms die with the weight of the 7D, if you need an inbult flash transmitter that you dont get in the 550D then maybe but spend wisely.

It doesnt have better

  1. Better pixels
  2. Better iso
  3. Better video

BUT if you have something like the canon 5D mark 1 (see my other blog post) then Yes it is far better,
If you have a canon 50D or older, then yes
if you are new to canon and have about 2 grand to spend on a kit with a nice lens then Yes its a great choice of camera.

Its got a fps of over 5 a second which is plenty for doing shots like this:

Its Articulatory screen can be very handy for self filming like what I used to do with my old canon s2is.

and its top LCD is a must for so many reasons regarding ease of use and instant information.

Its video is impressive (not more so than the 550D or 7d) with upto 60fps at 720p (which is massive and what all broadcast hd tv is) and also 30fps on full 1080 HD video which is what you get from HD dvds. 

Here are some shots taken with the canon 60d
Here it is taken with the canon 85mm f1.8 (@f1.8 iso 160, 1/100th)

And here is a crop version of it so that shot above, you can see a bit of blue fringing with this lens at f1.8

Now here are the shots at differing iso levels

 The original photo is a big 5184x3456 (18mp image)  The cropped images are around 840x600 (half an megapixel in size) (meaning it is a 32x crop??? I am not a mathamatition so not too sure)
Here is the scene a shop, What I shall do is go and crop in really tight to the bags and the background where we have a good mix of dark and light and high contrast for you to look at.

First shot was at iso100 you can see the lens is at its widest aperture and you can see some pretty strong CA
This was shot at 1/8th of a secod (so bravo for the image stabelizing in the canon 17-85mm lens) at F4 (not so good on the CA front though.
The camera was set on aperture priority so that would not change only the shutterspeed as I manually controled the ISO

This iso is at 1600 (f4, 1/160th)

This one is at iso 3200 (f4, 1/250th)

and this one is at iso 6400 (f4, 1/640th)
Notice how the colour has totally changed in the sign at the top of the image.
But the noise i am pretty well impressed with. Bravo Canon, but lets see what Nikon can do with the D7000

Canon EOS 60D is here and In Stock!

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  1. >> if you are new to canon and have about 2 grand to spend on a kit with a nice lens then Yes its a great choice of camera. >>

    With the current prices, at least in Finland, I'd gladly pay around 200e more and go for 7D... Also, unless one truly need video recording, I'm not too sure I'd even update from 50D. Even being a Canon user, 60D is a bit of a diappointment. Really quite a bland release. It certainly is a great camera, but at least at the moment other choises give you alot more bang for the buck.

  2. I think the 50D is a great camera, better then the 550, it just lacks video, but for "still" photo purposes, I just think its a better camera.

  3. Hi Dom, Thanks for your review above - seems to be the only honest one I have found and made me go out and buy a shiney new 550D to replace my 450D that got me started in photography.
    After just one day with my 550D, I'm finally starting to get the type of shots I want, but that said I was so close to burning 1400pounds on one of the 60D kits and am really am pleased to have seen this first. With the 60D using the same sensor & DIGIC 4 processor as the 550D I just couldnt part with the extra cash.
    One retailer (that makes a guest appearance in the vlog above?) I visited, was just gushing about the 60D and how superior it was to other models in its class even when I asked about the 550D - must admit though, the rotating screen ( and natty spirit-level) is a big selling point for those wanting to do street photography without drawing attention to themselves and it would have been handy for some recent shots I was trying to take with my camera very low to the ground making the screen & viewfinder almost improssible to use. Having played a little with the 60D, I would love to have one, but I suspect the price will fall next year and with the inevitable cashback offers appearing, they will drop the price even more.

    Anyway - nice site & thanks again - Tony