Thursday, 31 October 2013

GoPro Hero 2 LCD BacPac can go on the Hero 3+ Black

Here I show you that you can use the LCD BacPac that you got with your hero 2, on your new Hero 3+ Black, and it will also work on the silver and white editions as well.

 The GoPro Hero 3+ black With the old LCD back pack is roughly the same size as the original GoPro hero 2 without!
however you will not be able to use the same cases.

Monday, 28 October 2013

GoPro: Hero 3+ Black Vs. Canon 5D Mark 2

Watch the two videos below regarding a property shot for marketing. One video is done with the GoPro Hero 3+ Black and the other is done with the Canon 5d Mark 2

The footage from the GoPro was put through and edited via the GoPro studio software. This took out the fisheye effect and also gave me great control over editing the Protune Video capture.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Should You Supply RAW Files or NOT?

Clients and consumers are becoming more tech savvy with regards to photography. Or at least they think they are.  Learning terms and acronyms have made them aware of the options of files but not the differences, i.e. some may ask a photographer, can you send me the images. others may now be requesting the RAW files, or high resolution TIFF files, all the while not knowing what the differences and subsequent advantages and drawbacks of them are.

Having a client requesting/demanding the Raw files and then complaining that there isn't enough "Punch" to the images will make all photographers bit their hands when trying to reply sensibly.

(one of my favourite quotes is from a client I had asking for higher resolution images - I had sent through edited 4mp files for them to use not their website - I asked, sure, what resolution do they want it in and what is it for?  Their reply was, they want it in about 8megabytes resolution.... so that it fills their 42 inch Hdtv.... not realising that firstly Megabytes is the file size not the resolution and also not realising that no matter how big your tv is, the max resolution was 1080p which is about 2megapixels)
Lots of slapping forehead and biting fists that day.

Friday, 25 October 2013

GoPro: HERO 3+ Black Edition Tests and reviews

This video i am testing out the GoPro Hero 3+ Black wifi ability to see how far it can go with the wifi app on the iPod Touch. and then i also show you some resolution differences between 1080p and 4k resolution.

To shoot at 240fps the gopro has to be set at wvga resolution which is 848x480 (720hd is 1280x720) There is a high drop in resolution but the slow mo is very sexy. 

Audio test of the internal Mic on the Gopro hero 3+ compared to the Hero 2

If you can, WATCH IN 1080p. The GoPro Hero 3+ Black is said to have double the low light ability of the GoPro Hero 2, in this test, i put them against each other for in car blogging at nighttime when the only light is from crappy street lights or other cars headlights or breaklights. very impressed by the increase in light captureing ability of the Hero3+ Black

Thursday, 17 October 2013

YouTube tips and tutorials

In this blog post i am combining all my youtube tips and tutorial videos in one place.  more videos after the break

Gopro Hero 3 Plus (+) I am getting this one

seems like noone has noticed but go pro has made an update to the Gopro hero 3 by adding a + sign, however this is actually a smaller lighter camera, with improved batter and some other things. a worthy update.
My Camera Store

Gimp Tutorial: Speckled look

More examples of how to edit your photos in 'Gimp' can be found here:
Camera used - nikon d700
lens used - nikon 70-200vr1
location, Ratho, (edinburgh)
Models Lei and Craig
lei's facebook page
Craigs page... still coming

Portfolio critique 120 and 121

Photography insurance

I get my insurance from Adukii insurance, My gear is insured for up to £7000 worth of stuff.

here are more details 

Nightmare Bathroom (property photography)

Lots of mirrors are an annoying thing for a property photographer but when you have mirrors on every wall! OMG

Get in the wardrobe

To get the widest angle shots possible I suggest you get yourself in the wardrobe!

Worst situation for a wedding photographer

How terrible is it when at a wedding the minister turns round and tells you to go away!  contrary to some thoughts this is not a set up this is what actually happened.