Tuesday, 21 December 2010

All cameras are racist!

Digital cameras and their metering modes are always looking for  a gray area, they dont want things to be too bright or too dark.  that is why when shooting in snow you have to give positive compensation as it is trying to make all the beautiful white snow … Gray!

The same is true for skin tones as well.

  • When shooting people with very Fair skin you will likely have to give a bit of Positive Exposure or flash Compensation 

  • whens shooting people with very Dark skin you will likely have to give a bit of Negative Exposure or Flash Compensation


  1. Hehe, Dom, this is a great and funny idea with dark skin, and useful advice as always, thanks))

  2. G'day Dom, you would have to be the most original dude I've seen. Love all of the examples I've seen so far. Keep em coming. cheers

  3. Love all your tutorials, good job mate.
    Quick question, in this tutorial, are you using one of the auto settings or manual setting on your camera?

  4. You are a nut job (a little crazy), your face started turning red with that boot polish on it. Your last video I saw with no shirt on said you were a nudist. But your videos are informative and your quirkiness makes you more interesting