Friday, 17 December 2010

Work as my photography assistant?!

More details after the break

Now that is not to say I will not take on assistants,

I do, but I have to:
1 know who they are
2 like them,
3 know that they are going to be good on set
4 know that the model will be happy with them on set
5 not smell
6 actaully be helpful

But that is just with my model photography. 
I do model photography (flash photography) courses where people pay to come on the course and there the model is not the object of attention it is the photographers and their learning experience.

However I would happily take on some assistants to help me make some more videos
Anyone good at filming and manually follow focus on what I am shooting and trying to teach.  Help me carry my bags and set up my gear as i run through the scritps? then  yeah send me an email.

A lot of photographers do need assistants but they again usually already have assistants or have friend who can help them out. My tip is to head to some photography club, get some friends who are photographers and develop the relationships and then ask to be assistants. Also having a solid portfolio that you can show people is a good indication of how good you are.  But I will be making a video about portfolios soon.

Hope that helps