Saturday, 4 December 2010

Orbis ring flash Model shoot with Gamma Ray Dali

This shoot was for the Modelling Portfolio for the Model Gamma Ray Dali, Needing 7 different looking shots, with different outfits, positions and locations and also styles of photography.

Examples of the 7 photos used after the break

On lens orbis only

on lens orbis only (trying to avoid reflections off the shiny wood)

close up beauty shot (orbis only)

orbis as fill light with sb900 in umbralla to camera left

Slow shutter and camera movement along with orbis

Orbis off camera

Orbis off camera positioned above Gamma, 2 naked Sb900s on stands behind gamma left and right

Orbis providing small fill flash from right and sb900 in umbrella to camera left and sb800 behind with red gel

And finally here is the official video on the orbis youtube page

Sport in waves

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  1. Hi. iirc zooming the head, whilst it doesn't affect the exposure, does affect the distribution of light around the ring, and hence how shadowless the look is (and, I assume, the catchlight?)

  2. wow I love the new flash it has such a brilliant effect, images are awesome and gamma looks gorgeous

  3. HI Dom..
    what a lovely picture.. love it. I am a newbie.
    for this picture did you use tamron lense 28-75?
    and what metering mode did you use of those pictures..

  4. Yep all shots taken with the tamron 28-75mm lens,

    metering? my eye, take a photo check that it is good and change settings. almost always on manual but with ttl flash settings most of the time