Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Hague Steady Cam, motion-cam stabilizer

Steadicams are expensive as chuff!

Here was my attempt of a free steadycam, way back when I was living in japan

a steadicam is not all gyroscopes and magic but acutally just good counter balance.  you can make a free version just buy attaching your camera to your tripod and holding it in the correct location

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Todays modern dslrs with their video ability a lot of people are wanting to steady their video.

A steadycam cam out from Merlin but is costing near enough £600 for what is essentially a counter weight!  not tempting me at all to get that, but a little British company has come to our budgets resque, Hague have made their own versions and made them a third the price of the Merlin!

Here is an example of their video they are getting with their steady cam costing under £200.

Check out their website

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