Friday, 14 February 2014

Property Photography Shoot : all the In's and Out's

Intro to what goes on in an average days property shoot

Video 1
What goes on during the shoot in the property
Here I cover things like angles, lighting, speed, efficiency and equipment for both the internal and external shots.

Video 2
The editing and delivery of material to the client
Here I talk about the different aspects of the editing of the photos, the video and the software used for floorplans etc.

Here is the finalised videe.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Sometimes I get in the bath when shooting

but only so I can get the best shots of the bathroom, you understand

Gimp Tutorial, mirror background

Gloxy F-990 Flash Test and Review


Gloxy F990 vs Nikon SB-900 vs Yongnuo 565ex 

How to get it to flash off camera as a slave flash 

Dont Create a Youtube Channel unless...

Unless you are fully prepared for the huge amount of shit you may have to deal with and the huge amount of effort you are going to have to put in if you want to be successful.