Saturday, 30 April 2011

Slow mo water bombs!

A little relaxing time from photo critiques!

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Friday, 29 April 2011

NIkon film competition And Moby Music competition

Nikon is holding a short film competition

check out the link

The website is all in german or something (not English)

Makes me wonder about making a video for it!

If you cant watch the video above, the rules are it should be no more than 200 seconds, (thats 3minutes 20 seconds)
And is only for Europeans… for some reason…

On Vimeo!
There is also a competition to make a music video for Moby
something around the concept of  the words Hello Future

they have given you 3 songs to get your teeth into,

My fav song is the one called "AFTER"

check this link for the details

here is what one person has put together, kinda very cool

The Freaky Brides

Check out the pages of the freaky brides
and the confusion is sex facebook page

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Photo Portfolio critique Page 21-30

Rules have slightly changed now,  as all the photos that people were sending in were huge, and the time it was taking to upload them to this page and its now costing me for server space, please send in your photos so that they are no more than 1mb per photo (smaller is preferred) Make sure they are named and also put your name at the start of each photo.
Normal Rules for submitting your portfolio

1) no more than 5 of your best photos (no more than 1mb per photo)

2) all photos must have names (and your name at the start)

3) Describe what the photo is

4) why you think it is good

5)In your email you must state "I hereby give Dom Bower the rights to replicate my images in his youtube channels and his blog, I also appreciate if Dom is as harsh as he likes on my Images"

6) send them to

(at the moment there are 58 emails waiting to be opened, you may not be replied to for over a month.)

"I do not look at the images before i record, all reactions are genuine and truthful. Where I give harsh critique I try to support with advice and direction."

Ok lets start of with a Good one!

Photo Critique 21  Michael Romero

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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The best Cheapest Canon Lenses (on a budget!)

Ok in this article I am going to give you the advice for having the best lenses on your camera (Nikon). Where you really get the most for your money and also the best optical quality/brightness for the cheapest amount of money.

So once you have got bored of your kit lens 

which sucks big time as it is super dark ie when you zoom to 55m you are at a shockingly dark aperture of f/5.6.  So lets get serious and get some good glass which will not break the bank.

What is the big deal about f/2.8?

A great question and one that is asked by almost all photographers at some early point in their photography career.

F/2.8 has become a standard for almost all professional lenses, 

OK first question, what is F/2.8.
First thing to notice is that it is an F with a Devided sign / then 2.8
the f stands for focal length.  It should not be written as f2.8.

This video will help explain what the "F" I am talking about!

The best reply to the video I got was this one

The amount of light that comes in is directly related to the area of the aperture disk. So if you want to let in half as much light as with an f/1 aperture, you have to divide the area of the disk by 2, which means that the diameter has to be divided by the square root of 2=1.414... rounded to 1.4. You can think about that as 'steps' (which might have been misspelled to 'stops' at some point in time, but I'm not sure about that one) where the amount of light is divided by 2 each time.

cedricdodo 4 months ago

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The best Cheapest Nikon lenses (on a budget)

Ok in this article I am going to give you the advice for having the best lenses on your camera (Nikon). Where you really get the most for your money and also the best optical quality/brightness for the cheapest amount of money.

So after you have had your kit lens, usually the 18-55 f/3.5-5.6  you want to get some better lenses (also referred to as "glass")

First stipulation is that if you are looking for the cheapest you are most likely to have a cropped sensor camera (ie not a pro version like the D700 D3 or D3s or D3x )

Second stipulation you may need to check that the lenses i recommend will work for your camera, the very lowest end dslrs do not have a focus motor screw in the body and require the lens to be a (AF-s or (sigma) HSM) However I shall point this out at each review.

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Sunday, 3 April 2011

NSFW! Torture Garden: 2 April 2011

Where are you when you are watching a totally naked woman on a stage twisting and bending her body like the best exorcist impressionist you have ever seen, then a man has his wife pull 5 metres of string out of his stomach, and has a dynamite stick's lit fuse be whiped out of his mouth,  Torture Garden, thats where!

This is very much NSFW (not safe for work so for more photos you will have to click the link below)