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Photo Portfolio critique Page 21-30

Rules have slightly changed now,  as all the photos that people were sending in were huge, and the time it was taking to upload them to this page and its now costing me for server space, please send in your photos so that they are no more than 1mb per photo (smaller is preferred) Make sure they are named and also put your name at the start of each photo.
Normal Rules for submitting your portfolio

1) no more than 5 of your best photos (no more than 1mb per photo)

2) all photos must have names (and your name at the start)

3) Describe what the photo is

4) why you think it is good

5)In your email you must state "I hereby give Dom Bower the rights to replicate my images in his youtube channels and his blog, I also appreciate if Dom is as harsh as he likes on my Images"

6) send them to

(at the moment there are 58 emails waiting to be opened, you may not be replied to for over a month.)

"I do not look at the images before i record, all reactions are genuine and truthful. Where I give harsh critique I try to support with advice and direction."

Ok lets start of with a Good one!

Photo Critique 21  Michael Romero

More after the break

+almost everything
- thing coming out of top, white box

+lighting, model, everything
- creases


+ model, makeup lighitng
-background colour and brightness

+ everthing
- i keep staring at that LHS finger in face

- seems old fashioned

- background

- clone issue bottom left

+ exposure, framing, timing
- focus, 

+model, hair, MU, lighting, framing etc
-backgound stick

+ lots of win
- hand position

Critique 22: Ricky Robertson

Next up we have A good bunch of shots from Ricky Robertson

his email was short and sweet Hi Dom here they are! I hope there not too far off but I am open to your FULL opinion.. (Dont mind you being harsh :) ) Also you have permission to use the images on the blog and(or) youtube.. Thanks and ttys!

Ricky Robertson

Alabama (U.S.)

Here is his youtube channel

Critique 23: Joshua Lucas

His email goes like this

Hey Dom

Love your videos, great to be able to get feedback from such an accomplished photographer.
My name is Josh, I'm a young photography student, I finished studying a while ago but I feel I will never stop learning and will remain a student forever. Since leaving college I have had various photography roles, mainly event/portrait jobs, photography largely remains a hobby for me, but i'm always seeking ways to improve.

I wanted to send you some of my travel photography as its what I enjoy shooting most and would appreciate any pointers you have.
I shoot with a Canon 400D, 50mm f/1.8, kit lens, and Canon EF 70-300mm telephoto. I also shoot a fare bit of film.

I Joshua Lucas give permission for Dom Bower to use these photos on his channel and to review them in a video.

If you could give a shout out for my youtube channel then I would really appreciate it:

Photo Details.

There's a Lady in my Mirror
Shot in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam - While on a motorbike journey with a few friends.....stopped at the side of the road to check the map, took the opportunity to shoot a few photos of the traffic in my side wing mirror, a lady cycled into shot with what appears to be her was kind of a decisive moment understand the miraculous simplicity of this image you have to experience the traffic of Ho Chi Minh city, here's a link: - f/6.3, 1/1000th, 400iso, 50mm - Just edited contrast + brightness in lightroom.

Hanoi Street
In the capital of vietnam, I took this photo which for me encapsulates the country and our journey, a typical street scene with lots happening, the image has no one focal point which is disappointing. - f/5, 1-400th, 400iso, 50mm - Just edited contrast + brightness in lightroom.

Waiting for a Catch 
Described by Jeremy Clarkson as a "deserted ribbon of perfection", the Hi Van pass supplied us with breath taking scenery. This lone fisherman caught my eye as he squatted still as can be, head to the water, waiting for a catch. - f/11, 1/400th, 200iso, 230mm - contrast + brightness in lightroom.

The Sun has had its Day
Shot on Koh Phangan island in Thailand, with the sun quickly descending I shot three quick exposures of these fishermen in their boat. It was a beautiful moment. I later merged the three shots together:
I am just sending my favourite of the three.  - f/10, 1/640th, 400iso, 300mm - contrast + brightness in lightroom

Forever Smiling
Shot in a open grave cemetery that we stumbled upon in Thailand. This was a quick snapshot as I was getting scared, the angle of the shot is a touch disconcerting as it slopes away to the right, but I think that adds to the uneasy nature of the image. - f/1.8, 1/60th, 400iso, 50mm - heavy contrast + brightness originally in Photoshop Cs4.

Would you say that there is money to be made from travel photography such as this? And if so how would you go about doing so?


Joshua Lucas

Critique 24: Tony Le

Critique 25: Zach Clapham

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  1. Just an awesome photographer and a great critique, mr. Dom! Would really like to check out his website and know a bit about the kit he´s using (camera, lighting etc).

    Could the photographer or you give us that info?

  2. Maybe

  3. thats not my website, my last name is Romero not Romeo

  4. Great to see some cool collection and lovely ladies wearing them

    Alec farwell