Saturday, 30 April 2011

Slow mo water bombs!

A little relaxing time from photo critiques!

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It is sunny in Scotland this bank holiday so I got my buddy Neil round (Music video director).  The plan was for me to throw water bombs at him but he reminded me that I got the best shot of him when i threw a ball at his face for an old slow mo video
So it was off to my back garden after visiting the local joke shop to get some water bombs, which we later found out are tiny! So many of them broke just trying to fill them up)

The plan is to do some video footage and then for Neil to do a tutorial on how to make it super slow mo where you add extra frames in with some software called Twixter which you use in after affects I think.  anyway that video will come up later as the rendering time for that takes forever!

What these videos showed me was that the Canon 550d and 7d (same sensor) when shooting at 60fps (NTSC setting) out side on a sunny day shooting at 800th of a second, will produce some great slow mo.

Secondly it taught me that Imovie totally degrades my files so much more than Screenflow.  Screenflow is a software used for recording your computer screen for tutorials, but it also is great for editing video, very easy to use and intuitive, I figured it out a lot quicker than imovie

So anyway on with the videos,

shot with the Canon 550D and the Canon 7D, with the Nikon 105mm macro and the 20mm ais and the canon 50mm f1.8
shutter speed at 800th of a second, aperture around f/4 and iso 100

If you want to edit the clip from Video "triple splash" Copy and paste this link

you may need drop box (file sharing thingy) and you can get the link for that by clicking this

I highly recommend watching these videos in full HD, (or the best resolution you can watch on your screen

and the imovie version

Check out this video of what twixtor can do


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  1. Nice nice :) Twixtor is my software. not Neils! lol just kidding.

    - Raymond