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Photo Portfolio Critique Page 41-50

Things are a changing at Photo portfolio critique headquarters.

Due to the number of submissions, I am not able to put up the photos individually to the page to critique as it is using up too much memory space.  I am also going to stop naming the critiques and in the title put what I suspect is the most important piece of info regarding the whole critique.

Normal Rules for submitting your portfolio
1) no more than 5 of your best photos (no more than 1mb per photo)

2) All photos must have names (if the photo does not need a name please delete the file number)

3) Describe what the photo is.

4) Describe why you think it is good.

5) In your email you must state "I hereby give Dom Bower the rights to replicate my images in his youtube channels and his blog, I also appreciate if Dom is as harsh as he likes on my Images"

6) send them to

Please watch the mission statement before submitting any images

(at the moment there are 71 emails waiting to be opened, you may not be replied to for over a month.)

"I do not look at the images before i record, all reactions are genuine and truthful. Where I give harsh critique I try to support with advice and direction."

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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sigma 10-20mm DC HSM Lens Review

The Sigma 10-20mm lens is one of two that sigma make. There is the f/4-5.6 and the new version the f/3.5. (that means that the new version the aperture does not change as you zoom in from 10 to 20mm and you don't loose a whole stop of light (ie half the amount of light gets into the camera at f5.6 as it does at f/4)

This is a DC lens meaning that it is for Cropped sensor cameras ie anything below the level of the Nikon D700.

Its HSM focus motor means it is fast and very quiet.  (being such a small focal length and such a small aperture focus speed is going to be quick on almost all cameras)

It also gets a very close focusing distance but in no terms is this a macro.

more videos after the break

Here are a bunch of photos taken with the sigma lens on a trip in Japan  (along with some shots with the 105mm macro)

And here is one where I do a bit of time lapse and also shot at 3fps chasing Kim on a bike again in Japan

and here is somones shots with the newer version the f/3.5

here is some crazy wide angle video with the new version as well

and here is some sexy twitor effects

Nikon 18-200mm vr lens review

I didn't do enough reviews of this lens when I had it so I am borrowing some others peoples videos for your decision.

First thing to remember is that there are now two versions the vr1 and the vr2, the vr2 being the newer and more expensive and the vr1 now possibly only able to be bought second hand.

When first released this lens was one of the best and first MEGA Zoom lens and there was something like a 9 month waiting list before you could buy it.

Now remember this lens is for DX only body cameras so anything below the Nikon D700.
It has Vibration reduction and I have managed to get sharp shots (at 200mm) at 1/10th of a second.

However It did suffer from a thing called Lens Creep where if you were not holding it straight or upwards the lens would extend downwards (zooming). Which was annoying.

There was also a fair bit of distortion but you have to expect that from something that is giving you such a range of focal lengths to play with. This was still not fixed with the VR2 version though.

Its closest focusing distance was 50cm at all focal lengths. Now to be a 200mm lens at 50cm you would expect some amazing macro but this is not so as there is a large amount of lens breathing the closer you get to your subject.

In conclusion it is fair to say that this is a good lens that is very very versatile. Optically it is not excellent and never considered Professional but it is good.  I would consider it to be the best all in one Mega Zoom lens out there.

More videos after the break

Nikon D300 vs Nikon D700 vs Fuji S5pro ISO test

In this video I have looked at the noise you get form your Jpeg images you get out of 3 different cameras. I had all the cameras on a low noise reduction (in camera)

And now the noise tests in RAW!!!

Guess which camera and which iso!

Quick flash photography tips

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Thursday, 2 June 2011

HDR Vs Flash for internal property photography


Slow shutter 20th

1/250th and flash

1/50th and flash (forgot to turn on ligh in background)

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