Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Flash photography tips (all the basics)

Lots of videos here and after the break  (flash and Shutterspeed, Aperture, Iso and White balance)




  1. Hi Dom, I got a question.
    I have a Canon 50D with Speedlight 420ex and 580ex
    I want to use faster sync speeds than 200 which is my camera would allow me on a off camera flash photography with a third party Chinese wireless flash triggers.
    Could you please suggest me or perhaps show a video tutorial on how to achieve this. I would be thankful.

  2. oh, a canon, with a canon flash, and cheep chinese triggers…. not sure. bet just sell it all and buy nikon.

    I am sure it is possible but will have to ask my canon flash photographer friends

  3. Hi Dom,

    Thanks for these "back to basics", it is always good to have these in mind ...

    By the way I wonder if you received my mail (questions), as it was already a few days ago , and didn't had any answer so far ???

    Don't want to bother though !!!

    Thanks again for all your useful advices !!!

    Clay picsbyclay@gmail.com

  4. I really enjoy these kinds of comparative tutorials! Lots of facts and lots of practical examples. Very helpful.

    The difference was huuuge!

    What I would have liked to see too, though, was a comparison with a picture or two with the flash tilted upwards towards the ceiling. In my vast experience (stretching way back to the unpacking of the flash Santa gave me 5 days ago), that makes some pretty decent low budget/discrete pictures as well (at least compared to the direct flash). (It would be tricky trying to set up umbrellas during most casual family gettogethers without raising eyebrows..)

  5. Hi Dom,
    Thanks for your grate explanation. I am a starter in photography and enjoy your videos a lot. However I disagree on ur comment of the orange lights coming from the incandescent lights in the (white Balance) Tips. I think the picture without the gel correction looked great, while the corrected one looked terrible. the flash was kind of correcting the orange color over the subject. I'm not saying the idea is not correct, I know this is the way to do it, but I'm just saying that I liked the 1st picture a lot better.


  6. Hi Dom,

    Can you explain why when I have my SB700 set off camera controling it with the commander mode on my D300s, adjusting the shutter speed makes no difference to the exposure, as in your video. Yet if I put the flash on the D300s and use it as on camera flash, adjusting the shutter speed does have an affect on the exposure, this seems strange to me.


  7. Thank you so much Dom for this tutorial.
    I really appreciate if you can make a video about Bokeh photo during day time (Strong Ambient Light)