Thursday, 31 October 2013

GoPro Hero 2 LCD BacPac can go on the Hero 3+ Black

Here I show you that you can use the LCD BacPac that you got with your hero 2, on your new Hero 3+ Black, and it will also work on the silver and white editions as well.

 The GoPro Hero 3+ black With the old LCD back pack is roughly the same size as the original GoPro hero 2 without!
however you will not be able to use the same cases.

It is just a simple case of pull of and put on.

The only differences is the menu system on the Hero 3+ black are a bit more advanced.


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  2. You have shared unique idea, the pictures are looking very beautiful and i also have almost same which you have shared. You have great collection. I also visited your other articles which are good for me.

  3. Any Idea if you can use "The Frame" with a Hero 3 (or 3+) camera WITH the Hero 2 LCD mounted on it?
    I know the marketing info says it is not compatible with older cameras and backpacks, but obviously they are not talking specifically about using the older LCD with the newer cameras.