Thursday, 17 October 2013

Nightmare Bathroom (property photography)

Lots of mirrors are an annoying thing for a property photographer but when you have mirrors on every wall! OMG


  1. Laughed out loud when you walked into this room. True real estate photographers nightmare. Great opportunity to use Magic Lantern HDR (5 exposure) if you are using the 5d Mk II. :)

  2. Laughed out loud also! You made my day with this vid. You are my hero and my inspiration to become a great RE photographer. Love all your vids and you are a great teacher!!
    I have my first "paid" (lol) shoot coming up- an $800K home. What a first home, right??! 4 Baths, and not a single window in any of them!! Thankful for ext flash! ;) Your videos give me confidence to make the right choices. This video showed me that sometimes your choices are limited. Thank you!!!


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