Friday, 25 October 2013

GoPro: HERO 3+ Black Edition Tests and reviews

This video i am testing out the GoPro Hero 3+ Black wifi ability to see how far it can go with the wifi app on the iPod Touch. and then i also show you some resolution differences between 1080p and 4k resolution.

To shoot at 240fps the gopro has to be set at wvga resolution which is 848x480 (720hd is 1280x720) There is a high drop in resolution but the slow mo is very sexy. 

Audio test of the internal Mic on the Gopro hero 3+ compared to the Hero 2

If you can, WATCH IN 1080p. The GoPro Hero 3+ Black is said to have double the low light ability of the GoPro Hero 2, in this test, i put them against each other for in car blogging at nighttime when the only light is from crappy street lights or other cars headlights or breaklights. very impressed by the increase in light captureing ability of the Hero3+ Black

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