Friday, 1 October 2010

Car crash... but HOW???

more shots after the break

Nope I have no idea how this happend.

 Notice there the car has somehow reversed at a high enough speed to bounce over the curb, then also over the railing curb then through the railings and fall 8 feet down a hole. It did it at a speed that it didnt actually hit the property and just landed on an old christmas treet.
But he also had to avoid the 900kg block (in yellow) which was right at the corner as well.

The guy in the blue/green hoodie is the friend of the guy who was driving the car. He told me he had no idea how it happened he was just called down to stand by the car until the crane came along to pick it up.
The driver of the car was taken away to hospital but with no serious injuries, just some cuts and bumps and probably shock.  There were 2 other occupants in the car and on of them had to climb out of the car from the back seat. Amazingly there was no other car involved or anyone injured. 

Dont think it was ever found out how it  happened.


  1. Freakin women drivers! :)

  2. Imagine explaining this one to the insurance company!

  3. "...that was one helluva bachelor party..."

  4. I personally think you're looking at it all wrong. You say the car has crashed backwards into this position, I put it to you that the car is in actual fact driving out!! Ahhhh see, so much clearer now.

  5. Yeah! It just rests there. Wants to cawl out.