Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Photographic tripod buying advice

More details after the break

Ball heads I dont like, i like the 3 way heads with nice big knobs


Extra advice

Get a tripod that can take the weight of your camera, your biggest lens the weight of the tripod head (ball head, 3 way head, fluid head etc) and also add on an extra pound or two for adding a sand bag to the top of the camera to stop even more vibration and also if the tripod has a hook for hanging a bag or weight from (to help reduce vibration or movement further then add on what you might be hanging from that

Other manufacturers are Gitso   (very good make) ususally more expensive

libec If you are going for serious film action tripod!



All of which are good options!

here is a little video that I did of a time lapse photo of a sun set over edinburgh.


  1. Hi Mr. Dom,
    in case you want to be bothered - I think this page could be revised. the second video and other stuff don't work..


  2. thanks for letting me know, i have now changed that to the youtube version.