Monday, 11 October 2010

Photos from workshop on Saturday 9th October 2010

On Saturday I was teaching my Dslr 1 and Dslr 2 courses to a lovely couple from Livingstone.

We worked on the basics and also did some more advanced stuff such as the panoramics and HDR photography.

Unfortunately the weather was very very dull on Saturday, but fortunately it was not raining.

here are some of the photos taken on the course with a little description about what each was demonstrating

Wide angle lens and panoramic tips

Fish eye lens and panoramic tips

Off camera flash tips

the effect of moving the flash but not the camera

exactly the same photo as the one above just the flash has now moved to under the flower

Here we were looking at the ability of a fairly weak macro lens (my tamron 28-75mm) which has a reproduction ration of 1/4

A good bit of work was done on getting out of Auto White Balance (AWB) and setting the White blance to a slightly incorrect setting to help bring out more of the autumnal colours.

Then we found a squirrel

We also looked at the effect of a shallow depth of field, the benefits of an f2.8 lens

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We also looked at looking at your environment in a different way at stair hand rails and aslo at a cars tail lights

And also a couple of shots of what you can get straight out of the camera without haveing to resort to hdr when you can use ND filters but also noticing the slight Magenta (pink) colour tint you get when you add too much nd filter.

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  1. That's one big-ass tail on that squirrel!! Nice pictures, I always have a bit of a hard time to take pictures that wow me when it's clouded, but I suppose it challenges one more, which is good. Clearly you have a lot of creativity!