Tuesday, 19 October 2010

High Key Photography Anywhere (flash photo tips)

Here is a quick photo form the shoot I had the at the weekend. I was looking to get a nice mix of location modeling shots, product shots, high key and low key and also some messed up shots.  Here is the first video lesson on how you can make a High Key looking image no matter where you are. Make any place your studio.

more details after the break

Ok so here are the things used and needed for as shoot like this



Ok so that is the american stuff
now for UK stuff

here are some more details
The photos were taken with the Nikon d300 But my advice is to save up for the Nikon D7000 now. Shot taken at iso 200 (the base iso on the d300) aperture was around f5.6, the shutterspeed around 250th of a second.  Lens used was the tamron 28-75mm f2.8 but I would recommend the Nikon 24-70mm f2.8. The two flashes which were shooting the background were at aound 1/20th power and zoomed in to 200mm . Aiming at the background. The flash in the umbrella was at around 1/32 power (but this power is greatly decreased as it was shooting into a very large umbrella, which disperses the light a lot)  The Final photo had a tiny tinny weeny bit of a curves adjustment at the highlight area so that all the background was totally white.  Also a tiny bit of a drop in Clarity (lightroom software editing) -20 just to soften up the skin a touch.

Some people find that when they do this the suffer from a thing called Glare. This is when the light in the background is too strong and is affecting the subject, not just the background.  the easiest way to sort this problem out is to move the subject (model) further away from the background.

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  1. hi dom in this video you are using the popup flash on camera,why this?
    thank for your support your videos are some of the bests on web.


  2. The two flashes which were shooting the background were at aound 1/20th power and zoomed in to 200mm ...can you explain whaere this zoom 200mm has come in to the picture