Thursday, 28 October 2010

Why You NEED to EDIT your photos!

Here is a little video why anyone who buys a Dslr has to get an editing programme to work on their photos!

Here is the shot before any editing is done. It is the best the camera could do with its settings.
It came out at f5.6, iso 200, 1/180th of s second, white balance was at 6200k.

The camera has tried to expose for a difficult situation, you have a big bright sky and a dark road, with houses in a bit of shade.  Using a ND graduated filter over the top part and put at a bit of an angle would mean that the camera could have used a slower shutterspeed (still keeping the details in the sky) but brightening up the house and the road, however the colours and saturation, sharpness, clarity, are best kept for tinkering with in an editing software afterwards.

Exactly the same photo but just Edited. The raw file has kept enough information in it for me to be able to adjust the colour and saturation of the sky separately from the colours contrast and sharpness of the buildings, trees and road.

software used is adobe lightroom
Here is the latest version  

Or here is some more detailed editors

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