Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Canon 5D (mark 1) review

This may seem like an odd video to do in 2010!

But you can actually get a canon 5d Mark 1 for around £1000  or sometimes a bit cheaper (check here Canon EOS 5D 12.8 MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)), but is it worth it?
Is the full frame 12mp 5  year old Canon camera worth forking out a grand when you can now get a Canon 60D or Nikon D7000 which have many more features and better iso abilities and video!

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Firstly here are two links
the canon 5D and the canon 7D (full frame and cropped frame respectively)


I know which one I would choose!

Canon 7D straight away! if you didn't guess.

There really are not that many video reviews of this camera on line. It came out in 2005 probably this is before many bloggers started using youtube.  And it is much easier to youtube about a camera that can do video as well as photo.

Anyway.  This camera is now getting to the realms of cheep in comparison to other full frame cameras.  But it is pretty dated at the same time.
If you really want a full frame camera and you have full frame glass and you are on a budget then go for this.  here is a pro and con list


  1. Price (second hand it is going for $899) or £999
  2. its full frame
  3. with good glass it produces sharp vibrant punchy images
  4. well built
  5. Noise at its different iso's is not too bad
  6. makes your wide angle wide again

  1. its only 12mp (compared to its brother (mark 2) thats not much
  2. iso is limited to 1600 then a Hi level 
  3. its fps is only 3 a second
  4. at that speed it can only take in 13 raw then it slows down
  5. it has no built in flash
  6. And with that no Built in auto focus assist lamp
  7. The Dynamic range of the images barely drops when going to max iso
  8. Dynamic range is around 7-8ev
  9. full frame really brings up the lenses faults such as distortion and vignetting
What would i use it for?
  1. Deffo for landscape
  2. product shots (as it is nice and sharp)
  3. flash portraits (where i can keep the iso low) 
  4. creative images where vignetting is not an issue
  5. Fashion, beauty, family etc all fine
  6. Getting the most out of my wide angle lenses
What i would not use it for
  1. sports
  2. weddings (nowadays, much better to get a more modern camera with higher iso abilities)
  3. video (obviuosly)

Canon EOS 60D is here and In Stock!


  1. I dunno, your brother nicks your camera then just disses it to the world....

  2. I just bought a 5D mk 1 for $1K US that came with battery grip and extra batteries and it's been a great camera. I don't use it for sports but do use it for editorial, events and some portrait and it works very well for those purposes. A friend has the 7D and it's close noise wise at 1600 iso and a bit better at 3200, but the 5D has more fine detail at 1600 and 3200. It's a lot less noticeable when printed out vs. pixel peeping. And the noise disappears when you reduce the file size for smaller prints like 8x10 and web. I like the pro lens set for the full frame better than cropped. 24-70 is excellent as is the 16-35 and 70-200. The cropped cameras can use all of those but only has an advantage with the tele giving you more reach on the long while losing on the short.

    A used 7D is still a couple hundred more, and I don't really plan to shoot video. Didn't care for the T2i, though it's a very nice camera for the price. Hated that they got rid of the joystick on the 60D and you have to use a big pad, plus don't care for SD cards.

  3. Nice review, though I just looked at DXO and noticed that the sensor in the 5D classic beats the 7D by a good margin. Of course, the 5D Mkii beats them all by an even bigger margin!

  4. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)