Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hillend Dry Ski Slope

Scotland is pretty unpredictable with regards to the snow it gets each year. some times loads, sometimes bearly any and anytime that there is loads the queues to get up the lifts in the ski resorts are not very fun.

So in a few places around scotland there are Dry Ski slopes where on the side of a hill we have covered it in Dendix or Snowflex, a plastic brush type material which is great for getting writs broken in.

anyway, just outside edinburgh we have one of the biggest dry ski slopes called Hillend, where the Midlothian ski centre is.

There is also a jump that has been made out of the more favorable snowflex material and the kids from local schools are killing it off the kicker every weekend.  Scottish and British Universities also come to Hillend for their dryslope championships called Suds and Buds.

Anyway here are some shots and videos of the place in action.

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  1. hey! that's pretty cool. have you tried it yourself? looks like falling could be rather painful on the hard surface...