Sunday, 20 November 2011

GoPro Hero 2: Testing and examples by DomBower

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so the images come out kinda square format, with 11mp and all the exposure is automatically set, including white balance, again not having control over white balance may make some time lapse sequences a little sketchy, that is yet to be tested by myself.

I kinda like the slight fish eye effect that you get with this camera. it is good to know that you are pretty much going to get everything that you want in the photo so you really can just point and shoot. however not knowing the shutter speed is a little scary especially in low light situations.

This shot was in a museum and it was very low light, I would say that it has captured the white balance very well and the exposure is really good but the shutter is too slow, I wish the iso would have gone up more and the shutter was a little faster.

great work by the go pro on this shot as it has captured detail all the way in the shadows of the building yet i can see blue sky up in the corners. very good dynamic range in this little camera

you also dont exactly know when the camera takes the photo… is it just as you press the shutter or is it after there is a second beep.  means that you could miss a few shots by moving before you hear the second beep

very impressed by the graduation in the colours in the sky all the way up to the sun.  very strong dynamic range sensor

again love how there is no banding in the sky and it is a smooth transition from blue to sun.

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  1. Dear Dom, ooh that sounds a bit agony aunt no? anyway dear Dom, here in France it is 00.50. Two bottles of wine consumed and my other half is in bed and slightly miffed at the amount of time spent on tinternet this weekend! let me explain, I started the weekend in search of a bit of advice and inspiration on interior photo's, got a small business and need to do my own shots, bit of an amateur and love it, but not too hot!
    Found one of your vids on Friday night and the blog. have spent most of the weekend with earphones plugged in (learning shitloads) and credit card being spanked!! Your advice on photography has been a revelation,(will be seeking paper version) So far amazon are shipping a nice new 10-20 sigma and flashgun, I work in the ski industry, skiing and snowboarding, that sort of thing, Have just seen your video on the new gopro 2 and I have a question for you, do you know any good divorce lawyers and do you think there is any money to be made from divorce photography?? If so I have a proposition!!

    Seriously though

    As someone in business with shat all time. Please, please keep it coming, and maybe get a donate button?? who knows some peshed up fecker might hit it!!
    I would!!

    Andy - Pentaxian ( I think that's in the oxford now? )

  2. Hey Dom,
    really nice vid about the GoPro Hero 2. I really consider buying one. But i have one question: I also watched the GoPro hero 2 commercial video you recently posted (awesome video btw, must have watched at a hundred times now :D )

    So, here is my question, in the commercial video, it seems that the made the slowmotion also in full HD. You think they didn't make all of the clips with the gorpo hero 2? OR any other trick? Or is it really the smaller resolution?


    Regards Martin