Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Gimp Tutorials

On this page you will find a lot of different videos all related to the free photo editing/graphic design software called Gimp (GIMP which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. it is a popular open source alternative to photoshop.) Its free to download and you can get it from HERE

Ill start off with the most popular video and that is how to make it look like you are holding your own head away from your body

For the videos click the link below

4 ways to adjust contrast using Gimp

How to get that speckled look to your photos

Here Ill start off with one that requires a lot of gimp knowledge, if you are new to gimp or photo manipulation then check more of the videos lower down

Here is another more advanced photo editing technique where you can use for fast action sports, here it is a ski jump

here is some blending modes and artistic interpretations

Here is another video about blending modes where you can apply makeup (I do it very badly but you get the idea)

here is how to add some motion blur to a photo

Here is a slightly more risque version of how to a multiple person composite image

here is a way to merge faces

Here is a second one with some ugly band members from Pose Victorious getting their faces merged

And now the ugliest portrait photo merge. Me and Kim

Here is how to do a cool face symmetry photo good for your facebook page

This video is on how to do an HDR style image without HDR software and just using Gimp

Take two photos,

one exposing for the sky

the other for the ground

let loose the gimp

apply the mask

slap on a gradient and stroke with a brush


bobs your uncle

Here is another example

and here is a little test on jpeg versus raw with gimp vs lightroom

here is a tip on how to extend an image in gimp

Here I show you how to add a colour gradient (this time in a property photo)

This video I show you how a lois Vitton photo in a magazine can be recreated with the free software called Gimp

This video is a slightly over the top watermarking video,  unfortunatly there is no batch editing that I have found yet so you can apply to multiple photos at one time

in this video i show you how to merge two photos using the gradient tool in gimp

And here is an updated version

Here is a way to mirror the background of an image

This video i show you how to change perspective of a photo

Mixing Photo editing with video editing

Sport in waves

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in this video i show you how to do a creative image where you have day on one side and night on another

Here i show you how i edited this photo of a pagani zonda so that it has lightning in the background and on the screen

this video i show you how to manipulate some text and a model photo from start to finish

The alternative expensive to GIMP is Adobe Photoshop  Where you have a couple of options from the basic version to the CS5 version
All far more complicated than gimp.


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  1. I was hoping you would have written text aside from your video tutorial. I followed your watermark video, then got terribly lost when I didn't see where you clicked to get a certain menu. I've watched it several times. Oh well, I'll watch it a few more times, I guess.