Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Adobe Lightroom Tutorials

Ok Here is what 95% of my photo editing workflow is based around Adobe Lightroom.

Lightroom from version 2 onwards has been brilliant (the first version was not that advanced and really just a cataloging) but from version 2 you were able to do gradients and adjustment brushes, spot removal and smoothing of skin.

Here are a bunch of videos to let you see how I work and also how to get the most out of your Adobe Lightroom software when editing your photos

More videos after the break

This video is how I choose my photos after I have taken them and uploaded them to my computer

This video is about how Adobe lightroom is able to help you edit your raw and also how different sensors on different cameras had different abilities in their raw files

This video is about winter photography but at the end of the video you will see some more stuff about editing the photo to make it look better

This video is my more indepth Portrait Photo editing on lightroom

Here is some more of that video above regarding portrait editing

Photo editing from Torture garden Fetish Fashion Show

Here is a shot of some editing from an Overt Clothing photoshoot

Here i show you about white balance and how to work it on you lightrooom software

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  1. Just check out DarkTable. It is an alternative (later - not now) to Adobe LR.

    Tutorials about that would be great.