Monday, 17 January 2011

Email questions answered (January)

Here are the topics that are covered

Ok here is a big one everyone. 13 emails

Here is how they are broken down
1)how to transfer photos to computer
2) video editing software for dslr
3+4) hello and thanks
5) D7000 for interiors for Bose
6) Dark backgrounds in photoshop
7) simple blog for golf photographer
8) olympus photographer help
9) nikon or canon
10) getting your name out there
11) apprentice
12) street pervert
13) tamron vibration control

Today I got some nice information to help others in the street photography

here is the email

From: David Edge []
Message: Hi
YouTube wouldn't let me post this, bah!
For an intro to street photography your correspondent could try the
course run by Nick Turpin at the School of Life in London if that's
handy. Even if not - when I went most participants were from Germany.
The next one is 26/27 Mar 2011

My photos from the 2010 weekend:

Here in Derby, the Format 2011 festival will showcase street


  1. Hi Dom,

    I use 4gb cards. I don't use 16gb cards for a reason. Sure, I would have to change fewer times. But, if a card crashes on me, I don't lose everything!!!

  2. The D700 replacement should have 100% viewfinder!

  3. Hey dom, i would just like to thankyou for the reply to me "getting your name out there", as you can see i've already started using your advise and im now on blogspot! cheers for the help