Thursday, 20 January 2011

Video and photos of the Moon

Firstly this was not a totally clear night. The Moon had a strange haze around it like there was some moisture in the air. but still there is an impressive video and photos.

The nikon 105mm when put on the canon 550d dslr has a crop equivalent focal length of   168mm

Thats nice but as you can see when we are shooting at 1080p the moon only takes up a tiny part of the image.

but the canon 550d has a clever little movie crop function so that when you are fliming it records from just the central 640x480pixels,  which is a 7x digital zoom

put that together and you have
an effective focal length of   1176mm!   Which is huge!

On the camera I had my settings as soft as possible, generally that is a good tip to stop loss of detail and keep tones nice and correct when shooting the majority of stuff, if you want extra contrast and vibrance just add it in post. but when shooting the moon I think in future I will enhance in camera sharpness and contrast.

This is the actual size from the 105mm on the canon 550d



  1. Nicely done! Let's see if I can find a clear night and try it with the 55-200mm lens on the D5000.

  2. Hello dom what a great shot of the moon with just ,well no offence run of the mill equipment.This vid proves that its not always the kit but the knowledge of the kit the photographer is using......and this time of year warm coat.great movie.

  3. Thanks. shooting at 200mm will be a big difference but just depends on how sharp your lens is at that distance. fortunatly you will be stopped down to around f11 so it should be pretty sharp

    and michael thanks, yes a warm jumper is needed if shooting for long, each video bit was around 8 minutes long