Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year, time to spend some cash!

So Over the holiday season I was up in the Highlands of Scotland with the family.  I had a lovely time and got right stuck into working on my book again, and totally re-worked the first 60 pages. I am really happy with it now.

I came back just yesterday to find I had 34 email, 20 facebook messages and 59 comments on youtube to follow up on. so been very busy with that.  Here is one email that I thought was quite appropriate, This guy Joe has got 1000 to spend on a new camera and is not liking the Canon 550d (t2i) anymore and is wanting to go away from canon, so I could have emailed him back but instead I thought more people would be interested in the reply,

Nikon D300s 


What would you spend £1000 on if you had that right now?  camera wise

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