Monday, 14 March 2011

Dropbox edit challenge 1: Pamela Beck

Copy and paste the link to download the original Raw file.
Edit it to your hearts content then send me your edited image with instruction of how you edited it.
If you create a video of your editing process please email link to your youtube or vimeo upload.

Please credit the photo as (photographer: Dom Bower, Model: Pamela Beck:  Editor: (put your name here)

Deadline for download is Friday 18th of March

To Get dropbox please click this (or copy and paste it to your address bar) link

To get the photos copy and paste the link into your address bar

Once you have edited and emailed me your edit I shall attach them to this page for others to learn and to get you credit


flickr account



wedding website

Photobox gallery page

Sport in waves
Browse other personalized gifts from Zazzle.

Do not look at the site or tshirts if you are under 18 years old
you have been warned

The link for UK photographers check out

For the US buyers click below


  1. Will try to do a edit and post it on youtube :)

  2. Hi Dom,

    I will have downloaded the files and I will have a go at editing them. Excuse me for being a numpty but I can not find an email address on your blog to send the edited files to.


  3. Well for a start they're both painfully underexposed...

  4. Just edited them dom :P but having the same problem as russ, i can't find your email anywhere on your blog, youtube, website or flickr!
    And Chris really? i found them both to be fine, a photo is made up of light and dark and the amount of light or lack of varies between different photographers, Doms style may differ to yours. Also if you want to get technical the histograms both show nicely exposed images.

  5. Fair enough, it could mostly be pulled back in PS but I fear a lot was lost in shadow needlessly., btw...

  6. I just cant seem to find out how to work this program. How do I get the pictures on my computer to edit?

  7. email them to me at

    Chris, check your monitor, also the shadow is there for a adding some drama to the image, however from the edits i have seen some people have been able to rescue it fine.

  8. @aprock83 Just copy and past the links into your browser address bar one at a time, and press enter to download the files. Once you have downloaded the files, if you double click them they will automatically open in Lightroom if you have that program if not they should open in Camera Raw if you have photoshop.


  9. This is a cool idea. It will be interesting to see how others choose to edit the images!

  10. I thought cut off was 18th? or are these results so far?

  11. I think you'll find these are some of the ones sent in so far. I sent mine in earlier tonight and they are not up yet but Dom said cut off was Friday 18th and he still has the download links up so I guess everyone has until Friday to download and do their edits.

  12. my school blocked dropbox :[