Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Photo portfolio critique Page 11-20

Rules for submitting your portfolio

1) no more than 5 of your best photos
2) all photos must have names
3) Describe what the photo is
4) why you think it is good
5)In your email you must state "I hereby give Dom Bower the right to replicate my images in his youtube channels and his blog, I also appreciate if Dom is as harsh as he likes on my Images)

6) send them to dombower@hotmail.com

(at the moment there are 29 emails waiting to be opened, you may not be replied to for over a month.)

I do not look at the images before i record, all reactions are genuine and truthful. Where I give harsh critique I try to support with advice and direction.

Critiques are after the break, click below

11 David Heaton

+use of panorama and hdr teck
- over use of hdr, leading lines to no where, dirty skyline, odd colours

+colours, position, timing,  post card picturesque
- distracting wires
(good submission to a magazine)

- not straight, and confusion as to what it is, a beach, as sea or a sun set shot

+nice view
-over hdr, distracting elemnts at side

+dangerous animal photo
- its not doing anything interesting.
(throw a sandwich at it!)

12 Michael Garner

Hey Dom 
          Michael Garner Im 19 smi-pro I have followed your udates on blogs an youtube for a good year. I like all you have to say its not boring at all. I live in the USA. Im taking a big step towards my photography im getting a Nikon D300s with a 50mm f1.8D then ill be a 24-70mm f2.8 by next fall. i have only use point an shoot and really tired of them but the Nikon Coolpix L110 is a decent camera even for a point and shoot it has good bokeh at f3.5 and iso 80. I am not goin through the five year plan because im comfortable with what i know about dslr's 
           I would like you to critique some of my pictures even though i only have a point an shoot i do give you the right to use them. The picture of the turtle shell is my favorit becose of the bokeh it has. the camera settings where at ISO 80 f3.5 at like 1/250 of sec im not sure on that part, monochromatic.  

+ nothing

+ nothing

-nothing of interest

+ never seen a turtle look like that
- angle, lighitng, distracting elements in ground, composition

+ nice sun set
- position. composition, poor quallity optics, 

(current replies via youtube regarding this critique)

Im not going to rip into him for being slightly delusional about his images! but if he is semi pro why on earth is he cutting off important parts such as the nose!!, I took photos for a long time with a point and shoot and i would have been embarrased to class myself any type of professional. Now i have my DSLR and have my college interview on Thursday. Gd luck with your shots Micheal but tbh i think you have to re-think alot of things such as the title you have given yourself!!


  1. Bit harsh Dom! He's only 19 and shooting with a P&S. The semi-pro bit obviously got your goat, and they were pretty ropey I agree, but that was unusually severe for you. Maybe you just had a bad day.

    I reckon he needs to shoot with a tripod for a while to improve his composition. Look around the edges of the frame and be more careful about what to include. And stop saying he's a semi-pro! ;-) Keep at it Michael, practice lots and you'll improve.

  2. It shouldn't matter about his age. He made the claim of being semi pro. If it bothered him, I suggest he grow some thick skin, dust himself off and get out and do more shooting. I've been shooting since 2001. I've made money on some of my shots and I don't consider myself to be semi pro or pro. A more fitting title for him would be "advanced amateur" as I consider myself to be. I learn something new each time I go out shooting or when I watch a tutorial. There is just too much for a 19 year old to know before claiming to be semi pro. I don't think DOM was pissed at the guy using the term. He just brought him down to level ground and I hope he will go back and look at his images again.

  3. I wouldnt even class his work as that of an advanced amature. more that of a beginner. I was not pissed but confused, because someone who sends in their work to me and claim themselves to be a pro, i expect to see some good work, instead i get that. I regularly thought it was a wind-up and if it was then I have the right to be pissed for wasting my time

  4. I don’t think Dom was too harsh on this guy and I do not think his age should make a difference. He claims to be a semi-professional and has asked Dom for his opinion on his images and Dom gave his opinion which was obviously influenced by the guy claiming to be semi-professional. I guess if he had not have claimed to be semi-professional Dom’s critique would have been different.

    It sort of reminded me of those people you see on the X-Factor auditions who (A) seriously thinks he or she can sing and have friends and family who do not have the heart to be honest with them so it is up to the judges to tell them in front of the nation that they can’t sing. Or (B) knows he or she can’t sing and has gone on the show for a laugh. If the latter is the case then Dom would have every right to be pissed off for having his time wasted.

    It wouldn’t have been so bad if the guy hadn’t have claimed to be semi-professional and Dom’s confused, or bemused reaction to each image as he opened them was understandable to me.

    If I was Dom I would have stopped recording and moved on to the next persons email and given my critique on his or hers images.

  5. Hi, Mr Dom.

    I emailed you my photos, from oyva_''some number here''@hotmail.com.. Just wanted to ask you for a thing; can you check if you are able to open the pics? If not, please reply to me via email.

    Not asking for the critique, when you have the time, you'll do that part. Just wanted you to check that out. Thanks.

    Best regards,
    Øyvind H.

  6. Sounds great. :D Looking forward to a harsh critique. :)