Monday, 28 March 2011

Photoshoot (Glasgow)

This shoot  is for a  Glasgow based evening gown / wedding dress company run by the designer Megan . 

On tuesday the 8th of March, myself and model lilith Rose (model page) when through to Glasgow to shoot her current collection at the Glasgow Grand Central Hotel .

In Glasgow we also met up with other model Stefanie Rice who was supplied buy Perfection PR.  Who had her hair styled in a vintage look by hair designer Caroline Lamp.

This shoot almost had to be called off.

Being a self proclaimed Edinburger I felt a little dirty being in Glasgow hanging around Weagies!

But that is not the reason why this shoot almost didn't start.

the reason was because of this at 7pm the evening before driving through to Glasgow

Yep, I had a bit of a car crash, driving into the side of a Range Rover.  Oops!

So some quick travel arrangements had to be made, I now instead of driving myself, my kit and Model Lilith Rose through to Glasgow were now having to go via this alien thing called Public transport.  This is not good when you have a massive camera bag and need to pack in light stands, umbrellas, flashes lenses oh and cameras!
Sure if i was shooting in a studio it would not be an issue but this shoot was an on location shoot where i was going to be using flash to control the lighting.  This meant I had to down scale my equipment bag.

only one light stand
one umbrella
2 cameras (Nikon d300 and canon 550d)
4 lenses (70-200 f/2.8, 50 f/1.4, 11-16 f.2.8 and 28-75 f/2.8)
and 3 flashes (sb900 x3)

(all fitted nicely into one bag)
Here is an example of the inside of the bag

Model Lilith and I get the bus through to Glasgow at 8am and arrive at 9.30.   The designer Megan then picks us up from the bus station and takes us to her bachelorette pad. 

Lilith then gets taken away to have her hair done by Caroline Lamp. After a spot of breakfast Megan and I pack up her car with the dresses, and shoes and head off to pick up Lilith and Stefanie from the hairdressers along with their bags. This made the car very full, and poor Caroline had to get the Glasgow subway to the location.

We park in what seems to be the most expensive carpark in the world and take the models down to Frazers to go into the make-up section to get their faces painted on.

While that is happening Megan and myself head to the hotel (while getting very lost on foot) and make our way to our specially reserved room. 

The Grand central hotel really pulled out the stops for us, from the white gloved man pressing the elevator button to the perfectly laid out room, to the accomodating bar staff and managers who showed us around the massive hotel.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the shoot for you

Then in to the bar

Now for the editing!

For some reason I kept on procrastonating with this.  I think it is because this was such a good shoot that when I get into the editnig and even just selecting of the shots it is going to be a very involving task, where I want every photo to be as best as it could possibly be.



Model stefanie rice


Make-up  jenny phillips

The final 10 shots


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  1. Maybe try blurring the mirrors to give it a matte effect for cases that you really like the pose and you're in the mirrors.

  2. Nice location and definitely a challenge. You may have been able to cancel out the reflection in front of the bar by shooting behind/through a black sheet hung between you and it. A giant flag, if you will. You may have been able to do something similar with the umbrellas. Of course, all this is dependent on having a stack of black felt, assistants, etc. all of which do not fit in a bag on public transit.

  3. A most perfect photo i think is third:
    also good loking is the last photo:

  4. for the nutmeg shoot, you were trying to narrow down to 2 shots....i think (top to bottom), shots 2 & 4 are the best of that very excellent bunch :-)

  5. Image number 3 and 7 are my choices. Love everything about it.

  6. Hi,

    I'd say no 3 and 6 because I believe these are matching the environment with the dresses best. However, depending on the magazine, I like the artistic one also, no 8.


  7. Hi Dom,

    In terms of something unique I feel no.5 and no.2 work the best. Though the quality of light in no.2 is a bit harsh and isnt as smooth as the others. Also the white line on the left side of the frame is a bit distracting.

    I do like no.3 but the framing of Kim is slightly off in my opinion. If she was framed within the door way there would be more focus on her. Also the bright background light in the middle of the frame takes your eye away. If the light was at eye level however it would have been okay.

    These are all just my opinions.
    Im not sure if this helps at all in your choice of selection.

  8. Really like this photography. Great job. Thanks for sharing such nice stuff.

  9. I enjoyed reading your post. Its great. The wedding collection you had is superb.Thanks.:)

  10. Beautiful bridal shoot and great work!! I love that this bride wanted something other than and more than the traditional bridal portrait session!