Thursday, 10 March 2011

UV filters (do they have any affect?)

I was wondering if having the UV filter on my lens had any affect on my image.

UV filters are regularly called protection filters as they are just bought so that they protect the front element of glass on your lens.  Blocking out some of the UV may have been important in days of film but I didnt think it would have any effect on digital.

From the video you can see it takes a tiny bit of exposure out but other than that nothing else, no enhancement or decrease in sharpness or change in saturation or colour tint.


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  1. Hi,
    I think you should try that outdoors where you actually have some UV light and check the difference again.

  2. Hi Dom

    I have noticed from my experience of shooting a lot of concerts with various types of artificial light that most of the time you get some circular effects around the light sources that are present at the shooting site. Those can really make your photos look awful. So removing your filters really helps a lot in those circumstances.

  3. If you pay attention, the wall become less overexposed with the uv filter on, but the table become more overexposed. So, it was not all photo that become less brighter.
    My uv filter (by tiffen), makes the bright light more fuzzy, and sometimes more difficult to focus.

  4. "takes a tiny bit of exposure out"
    Maybe highlights reduce, but not exposure ?