Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Manfrotto Fig Rig Test

My work has obtained (dont think it bought it) a Manfrotto Figrig. Which is a fairly basic camera stabiliser yet is not sold at a basic price…

You hold it at the sides so that the vibration in the middle is much less.

You can mount extra things onto it such as a mic, flashes, and lights but that does make it a lot heavier.

The rig itself is very light.
If shooting with a small camera such as what i am shooting with in the video above (Canon 550d) (video of all the details of that camera) and a wide angle lens the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 then the rig is still pretty light and well balanced and easy to hold.

It offers a little more security in that you have 2 handles instead of holding your camera with your sweaty hands

But it could get tiring if you have puny arms or if you are a girl. Or if you have a heavier camera and heavier lens and holding it for a longer time.

It also makes you look a bit strange walking around with a steering wheel infront of your face.

Versatility:  It is very good if you want to shoot from a doggy eye view, something that a shoulder rig would be impossible with. same with being able to hold it in front of you and also out to your side. and above your head. Giving this item versatility that many other rigs do not give you.

Quality of results: It is ok, I can definitly see some improvement, and I am sure if I was snowboarding down a hill I would be even more impressed.  But for general everyday shooting?   …. If i have to factor in the price then I am not seeing a big enough improvement really.

Ease of use:  Its easy to pick up and put down with camera attached, and is very easy to use and does not need any assembling.  Its idiot proof.


Weight          5/5 (very light)
Versatility     4/5 (lots of angles to be had)
Ease of use   5/5 (very smiple)
Build Q        5/5 (cant be faulted)
Results         2/5 (nothing to shout home about)
Price             2/5 (far to expensive for what it is)


  1. Looks interesting Dom and I definately agree, it seems far too expensive for what it is. I wonder how the Halo Rig HD compares to the Frig Rig as that is less then half the price of the Frig Rig. Only thing there are no UK stockists so it is import only from Halo Rig @ $169.99, roughly £105.00 for the basic kit. Anyway here's their promo video, it looks pretty much the same type of thing.


  2. Hi Dom. Quick question for you: Which camera do you think its better to do movies. CANON 550D or NIKON D7000? Your expertise will help me buy my next camera (to do videos only).
    Cheers Marius.

  3. the 60fps you get in the canon is a win for me, but if you are not doing any slow mo then i guess they are pretty even

  4. I made my own fig rig for £30. I just used conduit pipe (pvc piping for electrical wiring) with 45degree elbows on the corners (mines rectangle shaped rather than round) which cost me around £8 from B&Q and then mounted a manfrotto tilt head so I could attach my camera. It doesn't give the best results, but for £30 it's pretty versatile. Also, the bigger your rig is, the more effective it works at reducing shake and vibration.