Monday, 2 May 2011

HDR editing tips

This page I shall be adding all the videos I have made regarding HDR photography and HDR photo editing. The one at the top is the most recent
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take a photo which is over exposed by 2 stops

take a photos whick is under exposed by 2 stops

this phot is the photo in the middle range
then edit them in photomatix to get an hdr photo like this below

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  1. I just saw your camera bracketing tutorial and liked it quite a bit! Thanks!
    I also embedded it on my HDR information site:
    I have linked back to your blog as well. I thought your explanation of Photomatix was awesome!

  2. Thanks man that is great. I shall go check your blog just now

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  4. WOW !! What a Tutorial you made. I have watched your tutorial video and learn many things about HRD Image editing. Waiting for your next post. Thank you.

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