Saturday, 14 May 2011

Dom Bower's Photography Critiqued by you!

Ok it may be unfair that I have been the one giving all the advice on others photos that they have sent in.  So I have decided to level up the playing field, I have submitted my fav 5 photos (that I could find on this computer)…(oh look at me giving excuses already!)  for you to critique.  I would really appreciate it if you would do a video critique of my shots and explain what you think is good or bad and also how YOU think I could improve or what I should do differently if I were to do the shoot again!

All reply videos will be posted below.

To get the photos you will need the free file sharing thingy called Dropbox

You can get the link for that by clicking on this

then you can get my photos (fairly small size) by clicking here

Fingers crossed that link works.

"I give you all the permission to use my photos for your photography critique on youtube or your blog as long as you mention that they are photos by Dom Bower."  Please critique the photography not the models, if you critique my models, in a non constructive way, I delete your replies!

first video up already!


Second video up now


  1. Holy shit i hope that guy has other friends; his friend was a fucking douche.

  2. Hey Dom,
    Not sure where you want the critiques posted so here's the link to mine: