Monday, 24 October 2011

Nikon 1 System: Rant and Review

Promoted as the fastest camera in the world.  (they forgot to mention "the most unrealistic pricing for its market")

more videos and thoughts after the break

Here is one of the photo journalists that I talk about who seem to be the only people that would be interested in this camera and even he gives it a bit of  ripping

and look at how small it is! imagine the camera shake!

here is an example of the video you get with it, nothing i can see here that cant be done with anything else in the market.

however, this looks very cool, didnt read 400fps anywhere on the marketing bumf

so this is only at 640/480 (ie not near hd quality)

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  1. As you so eloquently put it,and I'm paraphrasing you here...that just looks like some kind of scam by the manufacturer.
    I'll stick with me D7000 thank you very much!

  2. Compared with the Sony NEX or the Olympus Pen, the Nikon is ugly. If I would spend lots of money for a mirrorless system, I would choose the NEX-7 and Carl Zeiss-branded lenses. Those cameras have the advantage that they use the micro 4/3 standard, thus there are more lenses available.