Saturday, 8 October 2011

Fotopro C5-i Tripod (orange) Review

Ok OK! so its another tripod review. I am sure you are bored of reading these and wondering why would you bother reading this one.  Well truth be told, I would say you could probably just go and read the review of the Fotopro Carbon fiber tripod by clicking here, then just looking at the stat differences between that one and this one and make up your own mind.

But if you want to have a little read about this one then get your specks on grab yourself a bag of crisps.

Right first off what is it?

It is a more of an entry level tripod from Fotopro. It is very much like its bigger brother the MGC-684N. However there is a whopping price difference.
This little sucker comes in at a wallet pleasing price of just £120. Compare that to the Carbon version at £180 or (£160 for the smaller one) and it is a bit of a jump.  Oh and this baby comes with a ball head included.  So it should be more accuratly price compared as £120 vs £230.

So its £110 cheaper. Its made of aluminium not carbon fiber. It has a 2mm reduction in leg tube diameter and it is 5cm smaller when fully extended.

Anything else?

Well it is 140g lighter, Its 3.7cm smaller when folded up, and can get 2cm lower for the lowest shooting angle, and oh oh oh! it comes in a funky colour!  In fact there are a bunch of colours it can come in. I like the orangey goldy version.  There is also a pink one….. if you wan to buy that for your ladyfriend.

So it has its benefits in that it is smaller and lighter and comes in fun colours, but it is less tall and made of a lesser cool material.
Everything else is roughly the same, from its G-type locks, to its releasing of a leg for monopod application. It is just as easy to use as the big brother and is made to a very high standard. And it looks cool.

So this begs the question. If this is so good why bother spending the extra on the carbon fiber one?
I guess that is like asking someone, "Why by a porsche to drive round town when you can have a Mini" Both will be very nice, both will get you from A to B and both do the same things… But the Porsche is that little bit better isn't it.  If you have got the money and you are serious in your photography get the Carbon. If your a student, don't have a huge amount of cash, just thinking of getting into photography or want a tripod that looks different from all the other BLACK tripods out there then this is the one to get.  Throw a bit of colour into your camera bag.

Stats: (compared to Carbon fiber MGC-684N)

Weight, with head
1.68kg - (140g lighter)
Folded Height
40cm  - (-7cm)
Max Height
157cm -  ( -5cm)
Min Height
11cm  - (-2cm)
Cost £110 -  (comapred to £230 carbonfiber with head)

This product gets the "Dom Bower Seal of Approval"10/10

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  1. I previously owned a Fotopro C5-i Tripod (for about 5 months).

    There were a major problem when you opened the legs wider. The legs started to bend a little and this caused a vibration to the tripod.

    About a month ago I was shooting a fireworks competition and vibration of the tripod (I used a wireless shutter release and everything)messed with my photos so bad that non of them were good enough to use.

    After that I went with an overkill and bought the Gitzo 3541LS (