Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Canon 1D X

October the 17th: Canon comes out with its new top of the range camera (not acutally going to be out until March so no rush)

Main details

full frame
ISO 50 to 204,800 (100-51,000 native iso)
12fps or 14fps
61point autofocus system
Full HD 24fps, 25fps and 30fps and 720HD at 50fps and 60fps (with manual audio control)
2 CF card slots
Ethernet connection (no idea how that is going to be used)
Costs shitloads!  $6500plus

Here is what canon has to say in a nice little marketing video

To put this simply, this is a new pro camera from canon, which has better iso, better fps, better video.  It is being announced just now but wont be ready for sale until March.
It will be hard as nails and be use by almost every canon pro at the olympics and major sporting events.

Will you be buying it?

No, if you are reading this blog I highly doubt you need this camera nor have the funds to buy such a camera.

Would your photography benefit from this camera?
No, you will not be a better photographer with this camera.

Will it be bettered in 3 years time?
most definitely yes, and possibly sooner by what nikon is going to announce soon.

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  1. You can't compare this with the Sony A77. They can achieve fast fps because of their technology of the half translucent mirror that is not moving up and down when you take photos. And because of that, there is a second display in the viewfinder... So I'm not sure if it is really Single lens reflex camera.
    I tested the A77 preproduction model and I think it is a crap (at least compared with the real DSRL cameras).

    ps: sorry for my bad English