Sunday, 17 July 2011

Why Speedlights not Studio Lights

I use Speedlights.

There I said it!

Ok for some of you not in the the know, Speedlights are the term used for the flashes you get with your Cameras,  The Nikon SB600, SB700, SB900 Or the Canon 580EXII  etc are Speedlights.

Speed lights are an alternative to Studio Lighting (other alternatives being natural light, or location light) and although not nearly as powerful as Studio lights AND potentially MORE expensive, they do come with a load of amazing features and have a range of versatility that studio photographers drool over. (I think)

Here is My little video as to why i use Speed lights and not studio lights.

Another question I got asked today, From a facebook friend Hugo

do you think that using CLS with speelights
is just as effective as regular strobe bulky lights
becaused some people i talk to
they have D80's and never used commander mode
and they stick to the bulky big lights
but i worked with the commander and think its just as efficient

That is a more tricky question, as it depends on what you mean by more effective.

The speedlights can be triggered with no wires, either from the camera to the flash or from the flash to a power output. The recycle time can depend on the type of batteries you are using and also how hard you are pushing the speedlight to flash.

If you are wanting to light up a big
PLM then you will deffo want more power than what a speedlight can pump out, or even more than what about 3 joined together can pump out.

However so far in my photography development I have not found a case where I have NEEDed a studio strobe (i have used them see
here and here) but not needed them.

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