Sunday, 3 July 2011

How to Photo and Edit Smoke Trails

What to do on a rainy day! or like me what to do when you are sunburnt and have to stay inside!

Well here is my idea, play with smoke! and make some interesting photos.

Equipment needed:
1 camera
1 lens
1 black background
1 candle
1 burning stick
1 off camera flash
and free photo editing software called Gimp

In my case the Camera was the Nikon d700, the lens the nikon 50mm f1.4Settings:
Aperture set to f/13 or around about.
shutter set to max sync speed (1/250th)
iso: at its lowest

Flash on camera set to Commander mode so as not to fire light onto the black background
Black background was a black piece of cloth over my tv held there by my shoes.
The off camera flash was set on the floor infront of the camera just below the FOV. Pointed directly up the way (zoomed in a little so as not to disperse light onto the background or cause camera flare/glare

A candle was used as my constant heat source to re light the burning stick after I shake it so that it is just smoking.

Place the smoking stick just above the flash, and still out of view of the camera, let the smoke rise (best not have a windy/drafty room to do this in) and then fire off the flash.

Do this a number of times, some times the smoke will be too thick or too little or it may have blown out of the FOV so take about 20-40 photos on the first go.

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  1. I thought the original out-of-camera picture was the best one. It had somekind of a devilish horse with glowing eye stretching its limb or something.. does someone else see it too?

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