Sunday, 3 July 2011

Slow mo: Imovie vs Screenflow

As you can see from my youtube channels I have made over 500 videos for youtube.

When I was working on my PC laptop I would use Windows movie maker which was great for doing stuff like the timelapse video where I had a lot of photos to put to some music (like this)
However one of the big bummers about WMM is that once I got my Canon 550D camera the video files were not accepted and I had to go through a long and timely process of changing the file format and also making them small enough to edit on my PC  (see this video here)
Then when I upgraded to my Imac it came along with Imovie which I thought is very good and although I was lost for a day or two I figured it out fairly quickly and was able to make videos with it equally as quickly.

Then I got Screenflow (you can get it online for around 100 dolla) and have found that its ability with the editing the fast 60fps footage from the canon I can slow it down to 20% of original speed (making it a 300fps relatively) It adds a very nice smoothing between frames and it looks super smooth compared to what Imovie was pumping out as you can see in the videos below.

The quality from the video file as well from screenflow just seems a lot cleaner, Imovie imports and compresses the video it seems so the Screenflow wins again for quality of results

much more impressed by screenflows efforts for slow motion, even though it is not a software for this kind of stuff it totally beats imovie

so not impressed by Imovie's attempt at slow motion especially compared to how well Screenflow does at the same settings and same video, check the other related video


Slow mo 
Imovie: 2/5
Screenflow 4/5

Render quality
Imovie 2/5
Screenflow 5/5

Ease of use
Imovie 4/5
Screenflow 5/5

Useless special effects(wastes space and are pointless)
Imovie 3/5
Screenflow 1/5

Imovie 5/5 (its free with an Imac)
Screenflow 3/5

Imovie 2/5
Screenflow 4/5

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  1. I wish screenflow worked with a PC! Just another reason to invest in a MAC....