Thursday, 10 February 2011

Photo critique 4 (Kenny Urquhart)

Email goes like this

Hi Dom,

I will keep this short. I am a glasgow based photographer and I would value your opinion on my 5 pics. 5 is the limit isn't it? I have ten so I guess 5 now 5 some other time.

Anyway enjoy and I look forward to your assessment

Kenny Urquhart

written critique and score after the break

Further email reply from Kenny

HI Dom

Just watched the video on youtube, thanks for taking the time to do that and I appreciate all your comments. As I was watching I thought damn I should have taken the time to add more info about each shot. So here it is.

Also just a note about the logo, that is not how I usually logo my pics those where simple don’t that way for your video, so as not to distract from the picture :) if you go on my site I put a different logo on, mind you I keep changing it as I havent yet found one I like.

The pics info..

Ashleigh - I agree about the cropping , I did crop it to a similar size that you did but there was a cctv camera above her head so I took that out (badly, as you can see right above her hair on the wall) and just forgot to re-crop it. Other than that the location is in glasgow city centre.

Book club- this is hillhead book club, which is a bar/ restaurant thing. She brought her own makeup artist and decided on the clothes. Her lips where a pale pink so the black and white worked better, we did the shoot at 9 am and the staff kept leaving stuff on tables, which annoyed me lol

Castle- was in a castle and the girl had fell down some very old stairs prior to this shot, I suggested we stop but she said no she wanted to go on, glad she did beautiful face and great skin.

Cat- this is also my fav and a lot of peoples fav, she is an events organiser for colours a big dance promotion thing, fun fact..she is midge ure's niece.

Jade – this was done in karbon nightclub in glasgow, she is actually in the 'cool room' laying face down on the long table, the table is like a light box in the middle of the small room and is a hideous yellow, I just liked the colour as I desaturated it a bit but is was too washed out.

All the shots were done with a single sb900.

Thanks again Dom.


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